Hudson Twelve Months

Hudson, I can hardly believe you are already a year old. It sounds so cliche. The past year has really flown. It has been most interesting to me to mark the milestones as if I were still working outside the home, if you were in daycare like your brother was. When I was pregnant with you, I was certain, emphatically convinced, that your first year would be different since so much more of our time would be spent together.

Your first year was certainly different, but simply because you are Hudson. It had nothing to do with time we did or didn't spend together -- working at home or outside the home and having you in daycare. As a mom, these are the things I get worked up about, but they really are just a minor caveat of parenthood.

Little man, you are full of personality. You know exactly what you want and go after it. If someone catches you in the act or in your pursuit, you laugh. Oh do you laugh. Deep belly laughs and you bounce up and down, bending at the knees. Secretly, I think you love getting caught.

You communicate most effectively though pointing. You point directly to what you want and manage to often make your desires known without much of a word. But you talk and talk and talk -- no clear distinguishable words yet. Sometimes you try and Behr finished your word for you. When pointing doesn't quite work, you are repeating a few signs, but mostly just pointing. The other day you wouldn't go down for your nap, I picked you up and you pointed out of your room, and then to my bed. The moment I laid you down on my bed, you rested your head and fell asleep. Pointing works for you, even when it gets the best of us.

You have largely skipped crawling. You will scoot to the nearest object and pull yourself up and then you CRUISE. You move so fast we can hardly keep up with you. You haven't quite dared your first step, but each day you stand on your own a little bit longer. You work your way up and down our long building hallway (over 100 feet!) several times each day. It never seems to tire you out. You have energy right up until the moment you fall asleep. And then you sleep like a rock. Thank you for this.

When you see something you like or someone you know you wave, generally with whole body excitement. You are so excitable. Behr loves to rile you up. Dad and I like to watch the range of emotions you express. Again, when you catch us doing this, you bust out laughing. Just like these pictures show.

Happy Birthday Little Man! I am so excited to laugh with you for years and years to come!

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  1. Such sweet pictures, love that adorable scrunchy face smile!!!!



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