Hudson Three Months

Man, this boy is a chunker! This is Behr at three months, and Hudson grew out of that outfit almost a full month ago. He has rolls for days. Even on his wrists.

I have recently begun telling people that we have fallen into a rhythm. Hudson has a morning nap, either at home or on the go. And I am often able to put him down when Behr naps -- sometimes he sits in his rocker awake the whole time. My theory is he is savoring the quiet, a rarity in our home. We have also adopted Mark's burrito swaddle. Hudson much prefers the burrito over the traditional swaddle technique.

When we catch Hudson in the calm, we can get him to coo and giggle up a storm. Any time he spies the camera or phone, he turns on the stone face, so we have yet to capture the giggle. It is a sweet, sweet noise that sounds like a full on belly laugh.

Hudson has not yet adapted to the perks of water in the summer time. He is not a fan. We shall see if this improves over the summer.

Hudson also sleeps through the night, until about 4:30 am, which I consider a major victory. I have been holding my breath thinking this was a fluke, but he really does like to sleep. Thank goodness! He has started waking himself up sneezing, his arms flailing outward in complete panic. But Hudson is learning that he is the one making the noise (not Behr) so generally settles back down.

The sweetest part of these pictures, is that they were taken by Behr. He loves using the camera, but is rarely allowed to use it alone. The other day I looked up and he was snapping away with my DSLR -- the 50mm lens helped him be close enough for the pictures to turn out quite well. 
I only lightened these pictures, I didn't even have to crop them!



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  1. I love so much about this.
    1. Hudson is a DOLL. So adorable.
    2. Go Hudson, go! I mean, Sleep Hudson, sleep! Such a great thing. I'm still up two or three times a night, so I am impressed.
    3. Behr can take better pictures than me! So sweet and tender that he would choose his brother as a subject :)

  2. These are SO cute. :)

    I have a little brother in law (he's 10) who loves to borrow my camera and go around taking pictures... he's especially fond of close ups of flowers and twigs and bugs and food and things. The funny thing is, he's SO good. I never have to crop his pictures and I rarely have to change any coloring! Natural talent. sheesh.



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