Hi, Shannon here!

I'm married to best friend Mark. Together we are navigating the crazy world of parenting two boys. We call ourselves accidental urbanites, never having imagined we would be raising our family in the heart of a city. Our sons, Behr and Hudson love to be loud and on the go, just like most of Washington, DC. They fit right in. 

I have a list of ever evolving passions, most recently creating a healthier home, eating local, reducing the use of chemicals, and fostering positive conversations. I aim to wake up first, do some yoga and read my bible. This is a goal, not yet a committed practice. This past year I quit coffee, started and ebook (coming soon!), learned to bake and began painting again. I never quite know how to foster my creative outlets, but I love to help others foster theirs.

This little blog began after a big move away from friends and family.  It started as a place to journal, keep up to date with friends afar, and store my inspirations (before pinterest!).  Today, this blog is all that and more, becoming an incredible community of friends across the world. I blog about the bits of life that inspire me and I hope inspire you as well.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll say hello and stay a while!


Family Details:

How did you and Mark meet? In college, I guess I haven't really written much about it.

Were you college sweethearts? Not really. We started dated April of his Senior year...seems like I eventually will have to write about this.

The story behind Behr's name: Behr came from Mark's great-grandmother's maiden name. You can read the story of how we chose Behr here.

How is Behr's name pronounced? Behr is pronounced like the paint company or animal, not like the asprin.

Baby FAQ's:

Diapers: Pampers Sensative, but we tried gDiapers (you can read about it here)

Wipes: Huggies Naturals, I am sensitive to smells, and these are mild

Nursing: read about the gear here and my philosophy here

Crib: We have the Bloom Alma Mini Crib. At 16 months Behr still fit just fine. Here are some pictures that may help to give you an idea http://instagr.am/p/HJ9eq7EkD9/ and a picture of him standing (and looking guilty) here: http://instagr.am/p/G6RVTNkkH9/

Farm Shares / Eating Local:
more coming soon!


I love TOMs. I get a fair number of questions about them (maybe since I wrote a million Saturday Shoe posts on the subject...) but I do love them and would highly recommend a pair.

Favorite shops: J.Crew, Banana Republic, Boden, and recently Ann Taylor Loft. I shop clearance whenever possible, and try to figure out how something will fit into my wardrobe before I buy it.

Mom fashion: My work style changed a lot after having a baby. First I teporarily stopped wearing all my dresses in order to better accomodate pumping/breast feeding. Now that I am back to wearing dresses, I try to stick to items that are easy to wash and patterns. I don't often get baby grub on me before I leave for work, but inevitably it is the days I am wearing a solid color shirt or dress. Patterns hide a multitude of stains!

Maternity Clothes: I tried to buy as little as possible, and again focused on dresses. But hands down, my favorite go-to item was my Ingrid & Isabel Ruched Tank. They sell them at target for less under the brand "be maternity"

I also answered questions here and here that you might be interested in reading. Thanks for stopping by, and as always, feel free to ask your questions.


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