Hudson One Month

These first few weeks with you in our life have been an incredible whirlwind. You don't sit still and you certainly won't let us sit still. Of the hundreds of pictures I have taken of you, most have a blur of movement. Even the sleeping pictures! It excites me to see how active you are, knowing that it will take a great deal to keep up with your older brother. But I have a hunch that you are going to challenge him. I can't wait to see it all unfold.

For the first week or two, I forgot that newborn eyes don't focus. I wondered if you would ever lock eyes with me. Now you stare at me (and your Dad and Behr) with such intensity, it is as if you are seeing all of my strengths and faults laid out. Your gaze is contemplative, still deciding if you are going to be able to love us as much as we love you. You take in new surroundings before making your judgement. 

Your hair is always spiked up. 

You like to party at 3am, but are settling nicely into 5am. A time to which I am willing to adapt. 

You hiccup and hiccup and hiccup. I don't remember you ever having the hiccups in the womb, but they plague you now. 

Spit bubbles are a permanent feature. At first your Dad said you were foaming and my reaction was so panicked and extreme that he has not commented on your spit bubbles since. 

You move constantly and also like to be moved constantly. My arms ache by lunch every day. 

You much prefer to be out and about than stuck home with me. I certainly don't blame you. This is a trait I hope continues, for our survival. The only way we manage living in our tiny apartment in the city is by leaving it often. We have parks and streets and museums and shops to explore. It's a good thing you are happy on the go.

We are entirely overwhelmed with love for you, all three of us. You are the primary focus of everyone, even Behr. He bursts through the doors after day care with the same question every day, "Where's Hudson?!" He is proud to show you off and introduce you to new friends. All of our expectations and hopes have been exceeded. Behr is more than happy to share the love and the spot light with you, and somedays even to give it all to you.

Happy One Month Baby Boy! 

I am all too familiar that this is going to be a far off memory in a short while, so now I am going to snuggle with you a bit more, while you still let me.


  1. Oh Hudson is just so perfect, LOVE all his little features. So fun reading this as it reminds me so much of my life right now with my 2 little girls. Grace will be 3 months old on Mother's Day already and I can barely believe how fast the time is going. Happy Mother's Day to you, you are a wonderful mama to those sweet boys of yours!

  2. Look at that handsome little man! I look forward to meeting him one day :) But in the meantime, I love these updates so so much.

  3. congrats again! it sounds like you all are doing well, even though I'm sure it's overwhelming. he's beautiful Shannon.

  4. How darling!!! Congrats. I have 3 boys and know all too well how FAST it goes. :-(

  5. Oh man, this is a good preview for me. I forget how they come out just demanding to be moved! You remember it as snuggles, but really it's a ton of rocking and jiggling. : )



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