Little Days: Behr's First Carnival

While visiting family in Pennsylvania, we made a last minute decision to check out the local fare. Twenty-five dollars later, Mark and my dad, Popouli, were carrying neon tickets of fun. At first, Behr was skeptical, but quickly realized he was having fun and the center of everyone's attention. How many 2 year olds get followed around by a five person entourage at the local fair? You could say Behr is a popular guy. Hudson on the other hand, slept through the entire experience.

I never realized how bizarre the fair is and how expensive! My sister and I thanked my parents again, profusely for taking us to so many of the area fairs while we were growing up. We can only imagine the chaos of two parents corralling the four of us, not to mention the cost. I also didn't realize that the carnival games are extra money, not paid for by tickets. This nearly put us over the age when a rubber ducky game was denied. Thank goodness for diversions.

And thank goodness for grandparents who helped make this experience special for Behr (and free for us)!


  1. What fun vibrant pics and looks like Behr had a blast (mom and dad too)!!! Happy Friday!!!

  2. i personally go to the fairs for the food: funnel cakes an corndogs - pretty much everything i am not supposed to be eating. it looks like you had a great time!

  3. It looks like you had SO MUCH fun!! I haven't been to a fair in ages. I'm new here, from Bridget's blog. SO nice to meet you :)

  4. That opening-entrance pic is epic. I too have so many memories from fairs--you're right, they must have really blown the budget on those (though I remember eating more than playing games). I just remember walking through them in a daze, and leaving totally exhausted at the end of the day. One of those activities you abandon until you have kids!



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