Hudson Eleven Months

Hudson is growing and learning at a crazy fast pace. Mark and I are constantly saying, "quick look!" as he does something new. As you will see below he doesn't love tummy time, but he has figured out how to scoot backwards, just not get out of a corner quite yet. He can scoot forward, but doesn't seem motivated to crawl. If given the choice, he would much prefer to find an object to pull up on and be standing, bouncing, or his newest trick leaning with no hands. 

He wants to walk so badly. So badly. He moves across the room from toy to toy, but really wants to grab one of our fingers in each hand. Once he has a firm grasp, he is full speed ahead. 

Meal time has turned into family game night. Hudson makes a ruckus with hoots and hollers, nonchalantly drops his sippy cup to get a roaring response, and taps his head until he gets full attention. We all spend more time each meal laughing than actually eating. We are totally encouraging the crazy behavior, but we simply can't help ourselves.

Hudson has also started to play with a pile of books or the magnets on the dishwasher, but he will suddenly realize we left him alone and scoot to face us and flap his arms wildly. It is the absolute funniest things. And he performs without fail.

Gosh, the past few months have been so much fun with this guy. I can't believe he will be one in a few weeks. While I am not typically a weepy mess, I might be getting close. The baby squishy phase just seems to disappear over one sleepless night. 

^^^ And this picture, totally reminds me of a shot I have of Behr! ^^^

This crazy track suit? You can thank Mark.

Almost every time Mark dressed Hudson, it is in one of the way too many track suits we were given when Behr was born. They do look cute, I just never think to put them on. So this month I decided to document Daddy dressing Hudson. Isn't it funny how we gravitate towards different outfits?

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  1. This handsome devil is stealing my heart! I can't believe he's so big now. GAH!

  2. Thanks so much Alex. He is quite the heart-throb!



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