March Goals

As February came to a close, it became apparent that we are in a new season of life. Behr and Hudson are reaching a beautiful age where they play well together. Similarly, they are both requiring more time and attention from Mark and me. Hudson is doing so many new things that we all want to be apart of. Behr is learning so fast, a journey which involves more reading and lengthy conversations leading to understanding. Mark and I are trying to create individual time with each of them.

February Goals:
  • Keep trying to journal. This just simply did not happen.
  • One coffee/lunch date with friends each week. This goal is one that I am going to keep up throughout the year. It frees me from over-scheduling but keeps time with friends on the docket. I am so grateful for the time spent in rich conversation this month, especially with Jess and Emily.
  • Focus on Friday mornings. Between snow days, sick days, and days I was at school with Behr, I didn't get a chance to reclaim Fridays. Here is hoping to better success in March.
  • Find ways to get active with Behr during the dreary days we get stuck inside. Yes! Between hallway bowling, yoga videos, seek and find reading, and don't break the ice, we kept busy inside and even got a bit active. 
  • Finish books I am mid-way through. Again, sick kids and extra needy time prevented this goal.
  • Start my mornings before the kids/work on bible study during breakfast. I woke up early several days, only to be shortly followed by Behr. I am exploring activities that can keep him occupied at my side during these early mornings. Any suggestions?
  • Pantry cook - Success! I will be sharing some new recipes this month.
  • Museum Hop - we hit up two museums, both of which we had never been to. The National Archives and Dulles Air and Space Museum (which is free after 4pm!)

March Goals:
  • Keep trying to journal - every night for a few minutes before bed. I want to use this as a time to clear my head and write down what is on my heart, 
  • One coffee/lunch date with friends each week. 
  • Focus on Friday mornings. 
  • Get Out. I realized in February that I often relegated us to "inside" even when the temps were manageable outside. I am going to encourage myself to just get out in March at least once every day. Cabin fever will not win...
  • Finish books I am mid-way through - Perhaps if I name them, you can ask me about them? I am reading: Give Them Grace, Where'd You Go, Bernadette, and Love Does. I am also re-reading bits of Bread and Wine for a book club. Have you read these? I have two really great books sitting on my night stand to be read. I want to get to them too, but I will not start another book until I finish the three above. (pssst. my nightstand books here and here)
  • Start my mornings before the kids/work on bible study during breakfast. 
  • Create family time in the margin. We are booked every weekend this month.  With the busy schedule, I want to be intentional about creating time with the boys, meeting their needs. They are both moving so fast, learning so much. It feels like a crucial time for family time.  

And a bit of an announcement is coming later this month. 
It is exciting and I can't wait to share more with you.

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  1. Coming over from the Link-up! My little guy's name is Hudson too :)

    I read Where'd You Go, Bernadette this summer and I loved it. Such a fun novel. I loved Bread and Wine and hope to cook my way through more of the recipes. So far, the enchiladas are in our regular rotation.

    1. Ah! I haven't tried the enchiladas! And yay for Hudsons. :)

  2. I want to know what the announcement is!! :))))

  3. My goal in March is to begin a journal! I always start and stop but I have made it a goal and am going to see how it goes.

    1. I haven't been good at journalling since middle school. Ever since it became a requirement in AP English (yes I took AP English despite my grammar woes) when it was required, I've had an aversion. But as a scatter-brained mom, I know I need to get things down on paper!

  4. I've got book goals to finish up some books I started a while ago! Hope we both have successful reading months!!!

  5. Eep. My curiosity is raised! What's that announcement? :)



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