Hudson Six Months

Hudson you are a charmer. You have a few tickle spots and let out the world's best giggle. Your smile is broad and you love your brother. You and Behr have started to be able to play and interact together. It is so beautiful to see you play together. No matter what he tell you during the years, know how much Behr loves you. He is always the first to check on you, make sure you are okay, even wake you up from naps when he just wants to hug you. His favorite activity recently has been to climb into your crib and cuddle with you. It makes me a bit nervous, but it is so sweet, I can't help but love it.

You sleep on the go, not yet settling into a normal nap time. This has been a huge perk with the nice weather. We spend most days out and about in the city and you cruise and snooze at least one nap a day. Thanks for being so flexible little buddy!

Actually, I shouldn't call you little. You are quite the chunk. And you are begging for food each chance you get, trying to swipe our dinner plates and food right out of our hands. You are eager to eat, but we are holding off feeding you until October when we aren't traveling as much.

You love sitting in your bumbo in the middle of all the action, especially when Behr and Daddy are playing trains. You also like your door jumper in the kitchen or in the front door when all of the neighbors are coming home from work. As long as you can move a bit and be part of the action, you are a happy camper!

You are growing up so fast. I snapped this picture with my phone while you were sleeping on my bed one afternoon. Most days you seem all boy, no baby. But this moment, I wanted to remember your baby chubby cheeks, your pouty lips and your fuzzy little head. I know the remaining baby moments are fleeting. Just don't grow up too fast on me now.

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  1. Oh that picture is his sweet baby cheeks! He is one sweet little boy. Isn't it so fun to watch your little interact?! Gah, makes my heart swoon every day. My 3 yr and 8 month old are interacting more and more each day and I just love it....sweetness overload!



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