Hudson Seven Months (and Blurb Gift Center!)

You Eat! Everything. And your favorite activity during dinner is grunting, red face and all. Your top two teeth are begging to burst through, but nothing so far. I can not quite figure out what to feed you. There are no clear winners. Within the same meal you might seem to love something and then turn up your nose two or three bites later. Behr thinks this is hilarious and often begs for your left overs.

You are losing interest in many of the things you loved last month. Now you are all about being on the move -- stretching your arms to reach new things, leaning until you start to roll, and even propping up on all fours which is where your often get stuck. Crawling is right around the corner, but I am going to keep you in my arms as long as I can. Now when we go to the park, you like to sit up on the play equipment and be in the middle of all the action, swinging your head around to keep up with the activity.

You have also learned that you don't have to fall asleep, you have a choice in the matter. You fight sleep like crazy when we are home. But I won't protest too horribly since you have started to mellow out when we are in the car. We can actually go places with out you screaming the entire trip.

Most days you don't scream or cry at all. Most days you yammer away (like I said last month) but I am realizing you have a whole world of communication with your brother. He has already started interpreting things for us. When you are nursing and start to make noises, Behr says, "Hudson says it is very yummy." When you knock block towers over and squeal, Behr says, "Hudson is excited and very strong." Most of what Behr and I now talk about is what you are apparently saying.

Your hair is growing in like a buzz cut that makes you seem so much older all of the sudden. Your long wispy baby hair is still on the top of your head, but after a bath time (which you love!) you resemble a fuzzy tennis ball, a hair quality you likely received from Dad.

Hudson's Monthlies

Speaking of these monthly posts...I am hoping to have them bound together in a book using Blurb. They are my go to photo book source after several failed attempts with other similar websites. Have you checked out their Gift Center? They offer a host of gifts as well as creative book ideas and templates such as: 

Getting inspired with the Blurb Gift CenterThere are a lot of gifts you could give this holiday season, but when it comes to something really meaningful, there’s nothing quite like the gift of a book you’ve made yourself. But before you start having visions of gluing and sewing together pages, check out the Blurb Gift Center.

Blurb lets you make seriously beautiful books using their free tools. Just add photos and text, choose your options (like paper and cover type), and then order. Of course, you do have to decide just what kind of book you want to make. But the Blurb Gift Center offers a host of creative book ideas and templates such as.

The Blurb Family History Book, for the genealogical buff in your family, Blurb Baby Books (and you can pay a bit extra for a PDF which the grandmoms love to keep on their iPads), and if you’re a food blogger, think about making a Blurb Food Book to give as a gift this Christmas.

I can attest, the Blurb Books are fabulous -- there really is a book (or PDF) for everyone.

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  1. What a babe! Also I got your card in the mail a few days ago and Craig and I spent a solid amount of time swooning over him :)



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