Practical Hospitality, Part 3

Over the course of this month, I will share close to 100 small steps towards hospitality. It doesn't necessarily come easily. Hospitality can be uncomfortable, messy, and time-consuming, but the rewards are great. My hope is that by making minor shifts in our days (myself included) we can grow and challenge ourselves to be more hospitable in our day-to-day activities. This week the focus is serving neighbors and co-workers.

41. Rake your neighbors leaves, or bag them.
42. Mow their lawn -- one of my childhood neighbors mowed our lawn for nearly 5 years offering huge assistance to my parents.
43. Offer to care for plants if your neighbors are going out of town,
44. collect their mail,
45. and take out the trash.
46. Give gift certificates for restaurants,
47. cleaning services, 
48. car maintenance,
49. and pet care.
50. When giving gifts, low maintenance flowers are the best value for your dollar -- we still have a peace lilly sent by Mark's grandparents when Behr was born in January 2011.
51. Walk their dog, or care for pets.
52. Even offer to pick up supplies for pets.
53. Bring firewood, or chop extra to share.
54. Surprise breakfast -- a basket left on the porch with their paper containing a carafe of coffee and fresh muffins (like a bed and breakfast but at home)

56. Coffee run!
57. Monetary gift cards for peers -- because a few bucks to a favorite lunch spot is a great way to say thanks
58. Share/swap schedules to help meet demands for as working early or late.
59. Baked goods.
60. Stock a fruit bowl -- apples, clementines, pears, seasonal options that have a decent shelf life.

Check back each Sunday for more ways to practice hospitality.

I am joining The Nester's challenge and blogging for #31Days 
on the topic of Hospitality and Holiness

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  1. I just went back and read your part 1 and part 2 and I love these lists!!! Such great ideas for little things we can do to make other's days a little brighter. I'm definitely keeping this somewhere I can read it. Hopefully these things will become part of my mindset and second nature.



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