Perfection or Holiness?

One of the biggest challenges in opening our homes is that life is messy. Extending hospitality may reveal our secrets and insecurities. Hosting can often lead to the mopping of floors, fluffing of pillows, and hiding things behind doors. When we pile our junk behind a door and shut it tight, fingers crossed none of our guests dare step in that direction, what are we actually hiding?

What are we afraid of?
Are we afraid of being less than holy?
Of looking like a junk collector or hoarder?
Of revealing piles of bills that we are struggling to pay?
Or too many magazines which boarder line obsession?
Maybe it is weeks worth of laundry that we are embarrassed about,
Or a corner of our home that isn't pinterest worthy?

A ThriveMoms newsletter from a few weeks ago hit the nail on the head for me, and in many ways shifted the focus this #31Days series.

 Let's not allow ourselves to confuse the two. Perfectionism is self-focused. Holiness is Christ-focused. Perfectionism says, "I'm in control". Holiness says "I surrender to Jesus". Perfectionism seeks approval of men. Holiness stamps you approved under the shed blood of Jesus. Perfectionism is when you try to control every aspect of your lives. Holiness is something only God can do as we surrender every aspect to Him.

If the striving for perfection what keeps you from extending hospitality, I encourage you to take a small step to break the pattern of behavior.

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