Less than Perfect Hospitality

Friends came over for dinner tonight and we were not ready. We planned to eat on our roof, but the food was just going on the stovetop and both boys were only mildly recovered from meltdowns. People, we were making hot dogs and baked beans, nothing gourmet and definitely not rocket science. There was no reason we were running late other than life just happens that way some times. Our friends and their three kids showed up and loved us anyway. The little ones ran around together. The conversation was good. And the best part, the evening was life-giving.

Part of my effort to serve others well this year is to alter my natural state of interaction. Rather than jab someone in the ribs or making a cutting, albeit humorous comment, I want to encourage, serve, uplift, give life. I want to shut my mouth a bit more, let God calm my nerves, and leave space for encouraging conversations.

I do no have to be funny.
I do not have to be right.
I do not even have to talk.
And God can still work through me.

I am learning and putting into practice a kind of hospitality that is okay on paper plates, with spills and missing items, and even a bit of crusty burned food at the bottom of the pan. I am learning what hospitality looks like when living on a smaller budget. I am learning that having friends visit is always better than checking things off my never ending to-do list.

I am embracing messy community.
God still blesses the mess.


  1. Last minute throw things together can be the best kind of hospitality. Spur of the moment, spending time with family/friends unexpectedly and figuring out what's in the fridge to serve usually leaves me feeling the most content...



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