Practical Hospitality, Part 2

Over the course of this month, I will share close to 100 small steps towards hospitality. It doesn't necessarily come easily. Hospitality can be uncomfortable, messy, and time-consuming, but the rewards are great. My hope is that by making minor shifts in our days (myself included) we can grow and challenge ourselves to be more hospitable in our day-to-day activities. This week the focus is particularly on families with young children (because not only new moms need help).

21. When offering to bring a meal, think about alternatives to dinner, lunch and breakfast can be just as helpful.
22. Bring meals in disposable containers or reusable containers you say you don't want returned.
23. Offer a meal, or coffee, when a parent returns to work after an absence (even a kid with the flu can leave a co-worker feeling behind and overwhelmed when they return to the office).
24. Offer free babysitting with a specific date or time in mind - a vague offer rarely gets cashed in.
25. Or even a babysitting swap.
26. Create a family adventure -- an in-home movie + meal, games and snacks.
27. Share your sports tickets. If you regularly have tickets to games, offering these to a family with young kids could make their month. 
28. Live near a school? Offer to be the emergency contact/pick up for a friend's kids. It might help in a pinch, but the peace of mind it brings will be felt year round.
29. Car pool to school, sports, and any other activity.
30. Going to a warehouse store? Ask a harried friend if they could use anything in bulk.
31. Same goes for the grocery store.
32. And children's consignment stores.
33. Offer hand-me-down clothes, they are one of the best ways to help a growing family save money.
34. Don't just serve, organize groups to service others with these tools:
39. Welcoming friends who are moving to town/back to town by throwing a pound party -- each guest brings a pound of something as a gift to help stock their pantry or cabinets.
40. Invite them along -- don't assume that families can't join in the fun.

Note: On this topic, I am searching for a standout meal delivery service so I can care for friends who live farther away. Any tips?

Check back each Sunday for more ways to practice hospitality.

I am joining The Nester's challenge and blogging for #31Days 
on the topic of Hospitality and Holiness

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