It's been a good day...

How do you measure your days?

During my working days it was presentations and coffees runs.

Pre-kids it was also pages read.

Newborn days were measured in ounces and diapers and sides in three hour increments.

I recently caught myself checking the boxes on a list of things that didn't happen. Instead of marking my day by the good that came, I tallied the bad that did or didn't...

No one was kicked in the face during morning snuggles.
Nothing spilled during breakfast
No one pooped during meal times.
Or during my shower.
I didn't text Mark out of desperation.
No one needed an ice pack, bandage or doctor's appointment.
Bedtime wasn't fraught with protests.
I didn't need a second pot of coffee.

Must have been a good day.

Confession: this though also creeps into my head some days, "I posted to instagram four times today, it couldn't have been that bad."

Saying that aloud is even worse. It's like a kick in the gut. I spent nearly a month's worth of energy tallying the bad. I am finished tallying the bad. I do not want to be the mom who can count the number of times my kid wet the bed, or spilled his milk because I kept a tally. I do not want to be that person.

Yesterday, in my post about my April goals, I shared about being focused on hope. This right here is my motivation. And my focus, well it is coming from Romans 12:12.

I am going to spend April actively training the positive back into my vocabulary. I am going to speak hope-filled words to my kids and myself throughout the day. I am going to start measuring my day with hope in mind.

How do you measure your days or weeks? Have you fallen into a similar trap as me? 
What do you do to help keep a positive outlook?

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