Blogger Book Club: Summer Reading List

Do you remember when I tried to make that a thing? #bloggerbookclub Well, like many great (or not so great) blogging ideas, it didn't full pan out. And yet, I want to bring it back. Over the past few months, my conversations with bloggers have largely been following the theme, I don't read blogs any more. Instagram has "eaten our blogs" or at least become a much richer community with more immediate touch points and connections. But do you know what I am still reading? Books!

So here are the books sitting in front of me for hot, sticky, summer pleasure:

The Longest Ride - because my sister and I read all of Nicholas Sparks' books together. She is currently living over seas, so I need to read it quick and ship it off.

The Happiness Project - courtesy of this DC friend, can't wait to dive in.

The Boys in the Boat - historical fiction is my second favorite book genre.

Delancey - food, glorious food. And the PNW. What more could I ask for in a book?

Flight Behavior - best creative writing ever. If you need writing inspiration, pick up (or listen to) a Barbara Kingsolver book. I've been messaging this lady about this book all night and all day.

I am dying to know. Have you read these? What do you think? Which should I bring to the beach? And finally, what else are you reading? If you have written a similar post (because book lists are certainly not original) I would love for you to leave a link in the comments. My favorite books have been recommended by friends, especially this one.

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  1. My vote: Take them all to the beach! That way, you still have choices. I would start with Delancey - currently on my Amazon wish list - or The Boys in the Boat - in my book stack right now. I'm looking forward to your reviews.



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