A Nicholas Sparks Obsession

One by one, my sister Brooke and I worked our way through each Nicholas Sparks book last year.  These novels significantly padded my reading stats as I aimed to read five books a month in 2010.  And here we are in 2011.  When word broke that then next book was available for pre-order, my fingers dialed up amazon.com faster than ever before.  When The Best of Me arrived, I was in thr throws of travel, and work and all things fun to do in autumn.  I set the book aside and even covered it up so the very sight wouldn't drive me crazy with anticipation.  Finally, this past weekend provided the quiet time to read.  As Mark drove to North Carolina (could it be more appropriate) I cracked open yet another love story. two days and 280+ pages later, I was once again teary eyes and satified with the relaxation that reading can provide. 

Nicholas Sparks books are like any other cult-like reading addiction/obsession, be it Harry Potter, Twilight, or Hunger Games (all of which I haven't read).  Once a reader gets hooked, they wait with baited breath for the authors next release.  So now that I have let you in on my dirty little secret, you'll have to tell me yours.  What are your reading addictions?

p.s. in case you were wondering, the book is packed up with some cozy socks in a care package heading north to my sister at college.  yes, the physical book.  I still curl up with the hardback and turn each page myself.


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog and following :) i'm following you as well!

  2. i sure do love some nicholas sparks ...its been too long since I've read one of his books.

  3. @marjorie - thanks to you too!

    @kaitlin - maybe at 37.5 weeks pregnant it is a good time to start reading a sappy love story that will inevitably send you into emotional overdrive...on second thought, maybe not. :)

  4. Oh Shannon, you hit on my favorite topic--reading obsessions, of which I have many. I am in the Harry Potter and Hunger Games club but I could not stomach Twilight. But my true obsessions are Marian Keyes and Jennifer Weiner, I will put down anything I am currently working on and read their books the second they are released. And when I was 13, there was Ann M. Martin. I have not really tried out Mr. Sparks, but I may have to check him out. I love a good author obsession.

  5. Can I admit to you that I haven't read one of Sparks books (is he the Notebook guy??) And of those other series you listed I've only read Twilight? Sheesh, I hate admitting that. I really do. Which one of his books is your fave? Perhaps I'll check one out.

  6. i looove his books, too, especially since they're an easy read compared to the academic reading assigned in college life :) i assume you've read "the wedding" by n-sparkz...best surprise ending ever!

  7. @WhitMC - I never could get hooked on Jennifer Weiner, but I am a huge Shopoholic fan.

    @Tru*Lu - Yes he is the notebook guy, but I can't decide on a favorite!

    @juliekristen - agreed! wedding ending was ah-mazing.



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