In vs. Out

It is official. This past week marked the date of longer out than in.  Behr has been "out" for over forty-one weeks and two days. He was a late arrival, but worth the wait.

The time I have spent with Behr in my arms has felt so much longer than the time I was pregnant.  He has grown so much, gaining almost 10 lbs. and 7 inches in length.  The changes and new developments are countless.  But the reality is that he changed even more than I could comprehend during his first forty-one weeks.  Of course I know the facts, he gained 8 pounds and grew 21 inches before birth, inside of me.  And yet, I am not quite sure how to grasp the concept.  There are so many times during early pregnancy that you jut don't "feel pregnant" (even if you are sick as a dog).  But since January 12, there haven't been any days that I didn't feel like a mom.  

There is no way to compare these two sets of time.  To say he looks so different today than when he was born would be an understatement compared to the change that occurred from conception to birth.  I cannot wrap my head around the difference between the two phases of this miracle. Nor can I begin to fathom what the next forty-one weeks, months, or years could have in store.  

Once this milestone occurred to me, when it was written in my calendar, I began to eagerly anticipate this day.  It is not certain why this chalk mark in time even really matters.  However, at the end of the day it is incredible to reflect on all 82+ weeks of Behr's life and this journey into motherhood.

This little photo montage inspired by my Russell's Orchard photo shoot and re-affirmed by the ever creative Elizabeth during our blogger weekend.  


  1. This is amazing! I love the changes in both of the pictures. He's getting oh-so big!

  2. I totally know what you mean... there is not one day that I do not feel like a mother. :-)

  3. Oh Behr, you are such a darn cutie.

  4. What a handsome little man you have. And I am still in love with the name Behr.


  5. i love the green striped shirt photo. such a cute face that kid.

  6. I like your setup, S. Good work.

    Behr is one good looking kid.

  7. @Hannah - Right? The feeling of motherhood doesn't waiver!

    @Emily Baker - Thanks, his name comes from our family, Mark's great-grandmother's maiden name. Behr's middle name is Robert after my uncle and grandfather's younger brother.

    @Bridget - I love the onsie too, so much I bought it in two sizes. It is an H&M special :)

    @TheRigolosos - Molly, this would be so much cuter if I actually took care when documenting my pregnancy. Thanks for the encouragement!

  8. Wow, this is really creative! It is great to see the progression, it is crazy how much they change in 80+ weeks, from a "sesame seed" to a little person that eats sesame seeds!

  9. As Behr's dad, I can clearly see that he got his good looks from his mom. :)

  10. this is such a neat post! love it.

  11. Pregnancy is a weird thing--cuz when you're in it, you're like "I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant...and so on." It consumes your every thought, but at the same time, it doesn't feel real. Like, could you really be growing a life? Impossible! And then they're born and like magic you are a mom--and all the things you were stressed about come naturally and effortlessly (almost). Am I right?

    Cute project, Shannon. :)



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