Saturday Shoes: by julie

Have y'all met Julie

p.s. the y'all is for her and her southern roots. 
she uses the phrase far more than I do.

If you asked Julie about her favorite pair of shoes, she would likely struggle to pick a single pair.
Instead she would go on about how she loves her converse/chucks taylors.

All 6 pairs!

Don't believe me?

or her post about which pair to get next or even the wee little pair she found her son.

One more picture for good measure

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or would love to have.


  1. and all I can think is "darn that looks bland. i definitely need green or purple."

  2. i dont have a pair of converse but this post makes me feel like i need to! so cute :)

    happy weekend friend!

  3. julie - thanks so much for sharing your cons collection! and yes, green or purple would certainly brighten up the color wheel.

    Ashley - I must confess, I don't own a pair myself. But Julie certainly makes owning a pair look appealing!



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