Behr's Big Boy Bed

Some of you may know, we live in a very tiny apartment in DC. This room that was converted to Behr's bedroom originally began as my closet. (and unfortunately, it gets no natural light, so the pictures are always horrendous, please forgive me!) For the past few months we have been plotting and planning and researching how to make this closet work for two.

Some of my top concerns:
+ Having access to the changing table/dresser combo for the baby during Behr's long afternoon nap.+
+ Making sure the space felt dedicated to Behr, as he is the one getting shuffled about.
+ Finding furniture that fit well.

Some things we learned:
+ Ikea toddler beds and cribs are actually larger than the standard US toddler bed/crib.
+ There was no way I was also going to fit my rocking chair in this room.
+ The length of Behr's crib is about the width of a standard crib mattress! I had no idea there was such a huge size difference. (which translated into the toddler bed being much bigger than I anticipated)

+ Move the changing table into our bedroom - which you get a peek of here.
+ Purchase the smallest aesthetically pleasing toddler bed we could find, the DaVinci Modena in white.
+ Use as many existing items we had.

The room isn't finished yet. We still need to hang art and picture ledges for Behr's growing library. But he happily drags all of our guests into see "Behr's Big Bed!" The most important items are crossed off the list. Behr successfully transitioned to his new bed and we now have a happy place for both of our boys to sleep.

Note: For all the moms out there, let me revel in this for a few days before you warn me about a toddler and an infant sharing a room. I am in denial of the possibilities of sleep regression.

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  1. Our girls shared a room now the middle girl and baby boy will share, beditme wasn't a problem but naps were, so we got and kept up a pack n play in our room for the baby, so the other child slept in the toddler bed, otherwise naps wouldn't happen! Annoying but so worth it b/c everyone napped :)

  2. Stoopppppppp he can't be in a big boy bedddddd!!!! Also props on figuring out how to fit all of that in such a small space! The room still looks spacious.

  3. This is amazing.

    You are brave. You are strong. You can do it.

    (good luck)

  4. so cute. can't believe that little guy is in a big boy bed.

  5. It looks good! Here's some good vibes about sharing a bedroom: omyfamily



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