Little Days: Dirt

Above all things, Behr loves dirt. He gravitates towards it and frequently tests the boundaries towards sliding his feet into it. 

Puddles are a close second, but dirt is Behr's true love. He has learned that soggy feet are not as much fun as muddy feet. 

Behr has an uncanny ability to find a patch of dirt, even in a sea of concrete. But then again, this might just simply be a toddler boy super power, along with spilling milk daily and being louder than a freight train. 

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 Little Days is a weekly series geared towards capturing our children and their stories. I hope that this series becomes a way to continue to encourage one another to enjoy the small moments and also a record that we can easily look back upon to see the often overlooked moments of childhood. Join us by linking up your own recent post and helping to spread the word. #littledays

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  1. Oh Behr. I'll walk on dirt with you anytime.

  2. the vine app. you make me want it. but i think i'll resist!

    and Behr does have super powers! what a gift :)



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