Nursery Update: Shelves

The long awaited nursery pictures are finally ready to post.
The shelves are up!
The orange bins are in place.
The are filled with clothing, organized by size, with cute little tags to match!

The crib (once storage) is now emptied out and ready for a mattress and baby.
The mobile looks even better in person.
And we are thoroughly stocked with diapers...
...though I hear you can never really have enough of those!

I cannot wait to add wall hangings, the finishing touches and post the final view before I starts to get used and abused.  Now if only we could decide on the artwork for the walls...

...any suggestions?


  1. Have you put up a shower curtain to block your clothes yet? Little Optimus shot poop about 4 feet across the room while being changed on Monday. I stood there, "injured" and shocked, till I had the story tucked away for sharing at the perfect moment to embarass him later. Protect your wardrobe!

  2. def agree w/Simone... hasn't happened yet to me... but i've heard stories!

  3. It is hard to see...but in the view from our bedroom you get a view of the plastic behind the door storage that I hung as a barrier between the changing table and my clothes. It will also hold diapering essentials! Dual purpose is key in this space.

  4. Courtney! I have too many life and blogger friends with you name. Which Courtney are you?



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