Having a Gift On Hand: Mixed Nuts

I have found it essential to have a stash of "gifts" waiting to be used throughout the holiday season.  No matter how well I plan, there is always a few curve balls in December.  Whether it be for an extra hostess gifts, housewarming for the parties you are unexpectedly invited to, or even a quick gift for the family member you didn't realize was joining you for Christmas dinner, having multi-purpose gifts on hand is the key to survival! 

In the past I have had candles on stock, or a few extra bottles of my favorite wine, but this year I am going the food route!  {perhaps because I am VERY pregnant!} I have found that the more personal the gift, the better it is accepted as a quick substitute, or possibly not even noticed. 

So this year...drumroll please...I am cooking up some mixed nuts! 

I have been stockpiling glass jars since early spring {my husband can't wait to get them out of the house} and I am finally ready to fill them up.

Here is my recipe:
  1. Spread mixed nuts over a parchment lined baking sheet
  2. Melt Chocolate and Caramel in double boilers {I like using dark chocolate...for...ummm...health reasons!}
  3. Drizzle over nuts - be sure not to POUR or you will end up making bark instead of lose mixed nuts
  4. Sprinkle lightly with large flakes of sea salt to add a bit of savory
  5. Refridgerate to set or pop in the freezer for 5 minutes
  6. Toss and break apart and once fully cooled, distribute among jars
My weekend will be spent preparing this delicious treat.  I am so excited, the image is making my mouth water!  Stay tuned for more action shots coming in the next few weeks.

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