Balloon Garland Tutorial

a few extra minutes and common household goods can bring life to your party or your valentine's day!

begin by blowing up your balloons

pull a long piece of twine, one and a half times the length you desire

and tie about half of the balloons down the length of twine (be sure to leave room at the ends) until you have what you think you need. test it to be sure.

 after you have tested your single row of balloons and confirmed the placement, secure the twine.

then gather your twist ties and remaining balloons

alternating up and down, fill in between the twine tied balloons with twisties 

it is important to alternate up, down, high, and low to give you garland a full look

step back and examine your work, filling in any remaining gaps

it only takes a few minutes to give your party and extra boost of excitement

just in case you don't have these items laying around, 
check out Olive Manna, my new favorite stop for all things home!


  1. ah, this makes me so happy! time to plan a party. :)

  2. So much smarter then how I did with a needle and fishing line. I lost about ten balloons to sudden death by stabing bc of that.



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