Behr's First Photo Booth

The birthday party photo booth may not have been as successful as most wedding photo booths. But we managed to coax almost everyone into the front room to get their mug shot. Props or not, the photos turned out to be a wonderful way to see the love that is poured out for Behr. This group of people truly loves this little dude. And that makes me very happy.


  1. I love this photo booth idea! So, fun!

  2. These are great!
    My fave of Behr is #3 down. His expression is priceless.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you! xo

  3. i LOVE the one of behr flying. so adorable! happy first birthday, behr!!!

  4. oh shannon, this came out so great!!! I LOVE it!!! love the backdrop that you made :)



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