My Little Organizer

Lately when I arrive to pick Behr up from daycare, there is a familiar scene. He is emptying a bucket of toys, simply to fill it back up again. Those of you who know me in real life are now hysterically laughing. My son has so many of my characteristics, one of which is the desire to sort and organize everything in sight! It is honoring and often quite scary. I am waiting for the day when Behr informs me of the most efficient way to load a dishwasher. {still owe you a picture of that one!}

A few weeks ago, Behr decided to pack his own bag to get ready to leave daycare. I simply couldn't resist capturing the moment. Come on people! How stinking cute is this? He packed his own bag. And he put all of the right things in there...before promptly taking them out to repeat the process. I love that this simple act of sorting and organizing entertains him. It cracks me up. And you know what? I am utterly and completely head over heals in love with this kid. Yup, I just went there.

Side note: This was pre-first birthday. On the Saturday morning of his party, he had his last bottle. Behr has been completely off bottles and formula since then, and he is thriving. It was a simple transition, despite great fear of the most horrible of horrible potential outcomes. Easy-peasy! Phew...giant sigh of relief. 

And now my absolute favorite part of Thursdays,  

Behr is wearing:
Plaid Shirt: Arizona Jean Co.
Jeans: His very first pair of Wranglers!
Shoes: our favorites from Little Friends Co. on etsy

and the center photo one more time, just because the expression is priceless.


  1. He's adorable!! And it's unbelievable how our babies learn and are so much like us...Ava has semi OCD about closing cupboards or doors completely...wonder where she gets that from? :0

  2. baha.. I think its a good 'problem' that he loves organizing vs. destroying everything! Reminds me of the quote "I'm not OCD... I'm CDO... with every letter in it's proper order - as it should be!" ;o)
    Behr and my Azriel would do well together - I'm always getting her to clean a mess before she makes a new one. ha.
    Mel ;o)
    needle and nest

  3. oh my goodness, that is just too adorable. hopefully this means he'll be neat and organized always! think about how helpful that would be.

  4. Bahahahaha. I love it! Man that kid of yours is photogenic.

  5. Cute! So funny. Occasionally I open our diaper bag and find weird things inside, and once got into bed only to discover a collection of drinking glasses at the foot. Kids, man, totally bonkers.

  6. I cannot wait to have a little one of my own just to see ways he/she will be like {cv} or me. Is that weird!? Your little Behr is impossibly precious! hope all is well, lady! xoxo {av}



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