Looking forward into the new year

'Morning folks, today I'd like to give you the chance to hang out with my dear blogging friend Emily. She blogs over at Tales for Karina Marie, and may or may not be singlehandedly influencing pattern (stripes don't count) into my wardrobe.  Enjoy!

First of all, I want to thank Shannon for giving me this amazing opportunity to guest blog on The Scribble Pad. I have been a follower to this lovely place on the blogosphere for a while now. She's a pretty incredible woman, if I do say so myself! We've bonded many a time over me just obsessing over Behr's animated facial expressions and general awesomeness, and my crazy, sometimes-too-much fashion sense. Nonetheless she's pretty darn fantastic.

When Shannon asked me to do a post and it possibly have a new year's/starting out fresh theme, I immediately jumped on it. The new year brings many things with it: below zero temperatures that freeze my toes and fingers into three-month-long icicles, snow that makes city parking even more of a pain in the bum, and hibernation becomes a lot easier than during the warmer seasons. But it also brings cute mittens, hot Passion tea from Starbucks, and a new beginning with new goals and new dreams.

This year is going to be a first for me. It's going to be a full-year of healthy and happy growth. (As simple as that!) As a young woman who chose one of the less-traditional routes after high school, I did not have the easiest adjustment into adulthood. After several unhealthy relationships with men and then diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder, I moved back to my parent's home indefinitely. After about a year and a half or so of soul-searching I decided to move out and become financially independent at the age of 20. Many poor-decisions later, that fortunately, because of the grace of God, became lessons lived and learned, I started to see the true beauty in life. This past year and the big girl-life issues, stresses, and unfortunate events it brought, really set the foundation for 2012. The amount that I learned about myself and the relationships I have with those that I love, grew at an exponential rate.

As I look into the year (and coming years for that matter,) I see hope, excitement, and opportunity.
  • I would love for my blog to expand and grow into something great. I am continuing my online degree in journalism and will be done in a year.
  • I am working hard at a full-time job with some really wonderful people that I love and cherish.
  • I will continue to photograph as much as I can, so that I can document it and remember every beautiful and hard moment that I have.
  • I want to grow in my relationships even further with my parents, my young brother, and my other loved-ones.
  • I want to make new friends at church and meet some new people.
  • I want to learn more about graphic-design and really study HTML code.
  • Learn how to master my sewing machine!
  • Cook or bake something once a month.
  • Do more DIY projects, because crafting is da bomb.

I really love making new friends. I'm definitely up there on "the most outgoing" list in many folks' books. So please stop by Tales for Karina Marie and say hi!

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