Thanksgiving has come and gone, but after a weekend of a feverish baby leading to rain, rain, more rain, and the forecast of slush in my lovely city {did I mention I commute by bike?} I need to take a moment and remind myself of all that I am thankful for.

...that we have had a beautifully warm fall.

...for they days we were able to get out and play.

...for the city park just a few blocks away.

...that Behr indulges us at the park.

...for my baby daddy who may actually have more fun at the park than Behr at this point!

...for days like this.

...and for being a family of three.

 Yes, I am thankful.

And in case you can't tell. Recently Behr has practicing some of his new faces. 
Translation: I couldn't get him to smile for the camera at the park.  
The face he was making slightly resembles blue steel. Name the movie!

Behr is wearing
Outfit: Janie and Jack
Socks: See Kai Run
Shoes: Puj Unos

I am linking up to Small Style.


  1. These photos are fantastic! Way push the slush aside (really? You commute by bike? In D.C.?) and bring out the awesome.

  2. He has such a cute little face!

  3. He has such a cute little face!

  4. those are great photos. he looks beyond adorable - blue steel and all.

  5. Looks like a lovely time. Such a beautiful family right here.

  6. Oh, he is so cute! I love that first/last photo! It reminds me of this silhouette project I did for Father's Day: Maybe you could do something similar with that photo...

  7. Behr is totally adorabs. And hear hear to thankfulness for parks. We have an amazing one a few blocks away, and it's a real sanity saver, let me tell you.



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