Baby's First Christmas

I love traditions. It has been exciting to introduce traditions to Behr and also for Mark and I to finally begin to set some of our own.  But when it has come to baby's first Christmas, the internet has exploded and I feel overwhelmed. There are a million things to do and places to go, from getting a Christmas tree {we aren't} to visiting Santa {skipping that too} plus all of the regular stuff like baking cookies {not in this house} and decorating {ain't happening this year}. So when I saw a simple craft on pinterest via a sorta fairytale, I thought:

 "That's it! That is the tradition I can stick to and commemorate baby's first Christmas!"

I already had everything needed. Plus loads of spare time a few minutes to whip this together. So I set out to make sure this first Christmas wouldn't slip by unrecorded. 

a glass ornament ball
clear embossing ink
embossing powder or glitter
a q-tip or two for cleaning up smudges
and heat to seal the handprint, like an embossing tool
a ramekin to set to ornament down to cool. beware, the glass heats up quickly

exhibit a: squirmy baby hands gave me plenty to "touch up"

exhibit b: touched up, pre-heat.  now you can see the hand print more clearly.

exhibit c: I let it sit and cool before adding Behr's name and the year on the back in hopes of repeating this simple craft annually.

And then...

exhibit d: crash. 

Moral of the story:

It is so easy, you should make two!

p.s. I did, before breaking this, because I know myself scary well.

I am a complete klutz.
there has to be a better word for this!

remember when I said I needed to invest in band aid?
my sisters thought it was funny.
in fact, now when they refer to this blog as funny, they use that one example.

Fact: I was wearing three band aids prior to breaking this glass ornament.

And to cheer every body up, some of my favorite Christmas tunes:


  1. oh no! how sad, but i'm glad you can laugh at the situation...that's the best attitude to have :)
    love the play list too!

  2. Oh! I love this post. And I didn't have this coldplay song which makes me feel like the worst coldplay fan ever. Downloading.

  3. Beth - it was very sad, if I wasn't so exhausted, I likely would have cried.

    Kate, thanks dear! And yes, this is one of my absolute favorite coldplay songs. Look at me making a playlist that you are getting ideas from! {pat on my own back}

  4. you're not getting a tree??!!

    Such a cute ornament. Looks lovely :)



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