Saturday Shoes: Lounge Loafers

There are times when this shoes fast has been highly beneficial. For instance, my obsession with loafers that has been lingering from the '90s would be doing serious damage on my wallet this year. Oh goodness, I love loafers.  Here are my favorites right now:

the name alone is a bit intimidating

again the name...

There are times when I am grateful I am on a shoe fast. I am grateful for the shoe fast.


  1. OMG I want all if these!!! So preppy chic.

  2. LOVE.

    I love loafers and ballet flats. Would choose them over heels any day!

  3. You are killing me. Especially because those suede tassel loafers come in navy with green tassels...and houndstooth...and..

  4. I REALLY need these. sigh. so so so wonderful to meet you last Sunday! can't wait for another blitz :) xoxo {av}



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