Watercolor Love

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Have you seen the incredible watercolor stationery? These mini masterpieces have been popping up all over pinterest and blog land. Let me tell you, I am in love.The whimsey and cheerfulness of these colors. It has me thinking of all sorts of future applications.  You know, birth announcements for the second baby that I am not even pregnant with yet, change of address cards, kids future high school and college graduations. Clearly, I am getting a bit ahead of myself!

Are you loving these watercolor pieces as much as I am?  Do you think you will be using this method for a project in your own home or life?  Or simply leave it to the pros and purchase for one of the stationers featured here?

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p.s. my baby is eleven months old today. eleven months! time needs to slow down.


  1. these are gorgous. perfect for say a beach wedding. may have to put a bug in my soon to be sis in laws ear about this pretty paper.

  2. they are seriously pretty. reminds me of flowerchild dwelling blog. she's good with the watercolor.

  3. Bridget - I didn't even think about flowerchild dwelling when I "wrote" this post, but now that you mention it, I couldn't agree more!

  4. Those are gorgeous. I wish I had an occasion to use them for!

  5. I looove watercolors! Those birth announcements are gorgeous. Filing it away for later. :)



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