Saturday Shoes: Party Time

Yesterday I showed you what I would wear if I had glamourous parties to go to along with an endless budget.  Today it is all about the shoes.  As with the outfits, comfort and versatility are key.  Here are my top pics to wear with both outfits.

j.crew viv flat
I love this flat.  It is perfect. 
Although being as short as I am, a little heel typical serves me better.
Even still, flats are my favorite.
This flat would easily work with holiday festivities, a suit for work, or great boot cut jeans for an evening out.

via spiga sherri

ash dune

Alright lets discuss booties. 
In 2010 I didn't have the guts to get a pair of these.
And now, I am on a shoe fast.
But I am really not sure whether I can pull off the look.
Especially with a dress.
These would definitely have to be tried on, that is, if I were buying shoes.

kate spade karolina

And finally, a classic pump with a bit of sparkle.
The heel is adorned in itty bitty gems, adding glam for the evening.
Sadly, a single trip down a brick sidewalk in DC would chew these up and spit them out.

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