School Pictures

school pictures?
at 9 months old?
in day care?
(not even pre-school)


and do you want to know what?

I am a sucker
bought these prints
even though I didn't love 'em

but I do like 'em
cause behr still looks cute

yup, I'm a sucker.

Do you have any horrible school pictures?!  If I host a little linky party, will you all write posts and share your hideous moments caught on film?  Because seriously, we all have hideous moments.


  1. really cute. he's looking really cute. like he knows it's a school picture and how to pose and all.

  2. he sure is cute! glad you bought won't regret it :)

  3. I totally would have bought them. But I know what you mean. Like we don't take enough pictures of our kiddos as it is!



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