Cherishing Moments

Grandparents can be the best adults to little kids.  They come over, play games, swoon over you, and bring gifts. My grandparents had an every day role in my life. They visited frequently, ate dinner with us several nights a week, taught us how to bake and garden, and cheered for all of our sports. I am grateful for the relationship the my parents fostered.  I am grateful that both sets of grandparents were involved in everything.  That is what has made the past two years so hard.

I never thought that my grandparents wouldn't be around. I realize now that over their past few years, with good health, I took their presence for granted.  And now I am cherishing the moments I have left.

My Yia-yia has loved on me and now she loves on Behr. I send her cards with pictures of Behr and she kisses them every chance she gets.  When she met Behr for the first time, she couldn't stop crying at her precious koukla, darling, beautiful, doll.  The name she referred to my siblings and me when we were little kids running through her house.

february 2011 ~ three weeks old

august 2011 ~ 31 weeks
don't mind their crazy faces, they were thrilled to see each other

And so now, as the holiday's approach and I realize how much I am missing my family, I am going to cherish the moments that we get before they are gone.


  1. :) I love my grandparents. I know they're going to be awesome whenever we have kids! Your son is a doll, and I love his name! :) Discovered your blog today, and I love it!

  2. seriously awesome pics. Never really got to share much with my grandparents, but I know if I ever have kids, they definitely will!!!



  3. So sweet that you have that close connection with your grandparents. I never really did and was really longed for it.

  4. oh, i have been feeling so many of the same feelings lately. i feel sooo grateful that i've had the ability to know my grandparents, but regardless of age, it is so sad to see their health worsen. i don't want things to change.. that is certainly not my strong suit. it sounds like you have a wonderful family and i can only imagine how special it is for your yia-yia to meet little behr. xo

  5. Your posts made me misty. I had/have a similar relationship with my grandparents. I am lucky to live 5 minutes from my only remaining grandparent--my Grammy. I wish you lots of loving with your Yia-yia these holidays.

  6. I love yia-yia!! She was always so fun to be around! I definitely know what you mean when my grandfather died I realized I had no pictures of him with grace! How horrible! My biggest regret!

  7. @kaitlin - so sweet, thanks.

    @Recently Roached - hilarious blog name, thanks for stopping by.

    @Emily Baker & lady lee - hopefully you can cherish moments with your parents when they slip into the generation of "grands."



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