2011 Gift Guide: Warm and Cozy

Yes, it is finally that time again.  The 2011 Scribble Pad Gift Guide is here!  There are lots of great finds and surprises in store for you this year.  With gifts for everyone on your list at every price point.  If you are looking for someone particularly difficult to shop for, be sure to leave a comment.  I am up for the challenge.

Warm and Cozy Gifts for Her: 1. Hat Attack Faux-Fur Trapper for your topper from Garnet Hill $78 // 2. Cable Crewneck Cardigan, a classic from Lands' End Canvas $69 // 3. Hand Knit Scandinavian Mittens from BirdaKnits on Etsy for $38 // 4.Crochet Pattern for Boot Cuffs, the perfect gift to make at home, from LaineDesign on Etsy for $5 - you buy the yarn! // 5. Brick Eternity Scarf from Room 6 for $40


  1. love the Scandinavian mittens! i have at least 5 pairs! thanks for sharing the etsy link, i'll have to check 'em out :)

  2. Sara, I thought of you when I included those mittens. The are just too "cozy" to pass up.

  3. oh boy...I think I want all of this :). can't wait for the rest of them!


  4. loving those crocheted boot cuffs! looking forward to reading along this winter :)


  5. I want everything, please? Oh wait, this is a gift-giving guide. B is getting the Trapper Hat for sure. Where does one wear a trapper hat in the suburbs? I vote grocery store.

  6. @Anna Louisa - seriously, right? this is secretly my wish list!

    @Emily Baker - seriously wish I could buy the actual boot cuffs, not just the pattern...ah!

    @WhitMC - I vote a trapper hat can be worn anywhere.

  7. here's my challenge for you.

    i want frye boots.

    and i want them for $10 or less.




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