Saturday Shoes: Vans by Bridget

Incase you missed the broadcast, I am off celebrating by fifth wedding anniversary.  Wahoo!  So today's Saturday shoes are brought to you by Bridget.  Lately, she has been loving classic vans, the gray ones, with laces.  Did you get that?  It is very important to be specific. 

Classic Vans, grey, with laces

Check out how Bridget rocked these sneaks the night before Paker was born.

Full Term!  And still gorgeous!

Amazing right?

Maybe if we all wore vans we would look this hot pregnant...maybe.

...and go into labor at 39 weeks instead of 41.5...

A girl can dream right?


  1. Nice call Bridget! But then, pretty much anything grey and white I'm on board for these days. Minor obsession.

  2. ohhhh this makes me miss being pregnant. maybe if i wear my vans around i'll feel better.



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