Saturday Shoes: Help a Bostonian!

Call all shoe fanatics!  I need help answering a reader question that truly has me stumped!

So this lady lives in Boston sent me the following email:

"I neeed shoes... Seriously... and you have a shoe blog, and we have the same exact taste-- so maybe you can write a blog entry about this?? want to help me? you know, with ALL your free time?

Off of the top of your head- I need shoes that can be worn with jeans through the boston butthole winter. And- they have to be shoes that cover my feet, not driving moccasins or ballet flats. Any ideas?"
Here are a few options, but I fear my pics are sub-par.  Does anyone else have any suggestions? 

Or you could go with my original shoe-fast pair, the Quoddy Ring Boot



  1. I love my Danskos and living in Boston for a few years feel confident saying they were great :) They hold up well on their own, but you can also get a water repellent spray. I also dig Clark's and Merrell's :)

  2. my danskos are great but im less into them now then i used to be-- tall, flat boots are my fave although i only like them with skinny jeans (jeans tucked in) and not boot cut or whatever so it limits them a little. i like your pics though shan!

  3. Such a good question. Boston weather and brick sidewalks ruin winter shoes so fast! I like a boot with a solid heel (not a wedge or anything leather-covered) so that it's easy to have redone by a cobbler. I had a pair of tall, flat Tahari boots with a rubber sole that I wore until they literally fell apart and am on a search now for a replacement.



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