Sunday Special Thank You

Over the past three weeks, members of my blogging family have taken time to share their life with you.  They gave me time to spend with Mark as we celebrated our fifth anniversary, traveled to Boston, and juggled Behr solo while Mark went off to his {second to last!} grad school residency.  Phew.  So glad you were in trusted hands.  In case you missed any of the posts in the marriage series, here they all are:

the-scribble-pad-wedding-photo lady-lee-in-process story-of-my-life casey-weigand with-two-cats fairy-tales-are-true green-eggs-and-hammes home-on-the-hill dot-in-the-city mr-and-mrs-rigoloso its-a-hunt-life naptime-diaries

Thanks Ladies!  
...and send my thanks to your husbands, they are pretty great too...


  1. Thanks for asking! What a fun series to be a part of.

  2. thanks for having me shannon (:

    So glad you got that quality time in with Mark! xo

  3. Loved the series! And found some really great new blogs to follow in the process :):)

  4. The pleasure was mine, friend!

    See you soooooon. :)

  5. was great to be a part of such a great group of women!



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