Saturday Shoes: Penny Loafer Upgrade

It is officially cooling down here on the East Coast.  The dreary rain has me thinking fall and what better way to get geared up than to dream about shoes I cannot purchase?  Oh, there are probably a thousand better things to do with my time, but this is still pretty fun.  
Retro Glam by Naughty Monkey

I love the details of this shoe,
I just don't think I could pull it off,
especially in my stodgy government office
All in all, this shoe is a little "punk" for me

Nena by Marc by Marc Jacobs

If I could be in love with a shoe, this would be it.
The detailing is perfect. The heel adds chunk, the gold plate keeps it classy.
They could fly in the work place, but sadly will never pass my non-existant shoe budget.
At $295, I just cannot justify these, even if I was buying shoes.
Don't mine me, I will go cry in a corner and lust over these from afar.
And then there are these.  Sleek, simple, understated.
They would certainly be the most versitile.  But perhaps too boring?
Choices, choices! 
The good news is, the shoe fast continues, so it isn't my choice to have to make!

What shoes are you most looking forward to getting on your feet this fall?


  1. Ohhh, this is torture. I love them all, but that first one is my fave. And I think you could totally rock them.



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