Some Favorites

I wanted to share some family portraits from our Florida vacation. The fabulous Pam Bell based out of Amelia Island took our photos and was wonderful to work with.

As I was trying to figure out how and when to share these photos, I realized that I have once again been hoarding links to favorites of the interwebs.  What better than a post featuring both?


 adorable rubber stamp kits

    the perfect appetizer for my greek heart (oh yeah, I am greek.  did I forget to mention that?)

    if we lived in a bigger home, I would collect rugs. my latest rug obsession

    this etsy shop redefines whimsy

    a twist on tomboy style, my favorite look of all

What do you think?

Should linking to favorites become a more regular feature on The Scribble Pad?


  1. behr in a bucket? priceless. love these.

  2. Love the pics! They really capture all your personalities!

  3. Oh my gosh. I die. And YES! It's like I already know Behr (and you!), but not really! Hopefully we can fix this soon :)

  4. Those pics are wonderful! Thank you for sharing, not hoarding.

    Diggin' the links. I do love that tomboy style.

  5. oh my god, you guys are so cute! love the pics, and definitely keep them coming! love the links too, although i may be a little biased on one... ha ha! thanks!

  6. These pics are so so beautiful. I can picture myself there! In a non-creepy sort of way. They are so bright and fresh. You look beautiful and Behr and his Daddy are handsome as ever of course.

    So cute Shannon, thanks for sharing!

  7. His baby blues are to die for. I'm hoping my lil dudes eyes stay blue...we'll see.



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