Saturday Shoes: More Toms

Remember when I really wanted red toms?  Well, I still do.  However, one of the benefits of a year long shoes fast is you really think about things before making a purchase.  And that I have had 6 months to think about it, I am torn.  What about chocolate toms?

What'cha think?

or Chocolate
or Both?


  1. I have the red ones and I love them! Such a fun pop of color to any outfit. But now I want more!!! Maybe grey next.

  2. Hmmmm, I have navy and gray and I wear them a lot. I'd be scared to buy red Toms bc I'd worry they wouldn't go with as much. Brown is safe.

  3. I have navy blue ones that match with a lot, but I want brown ones next because they match with even more. So funny, because I just blogged about Toms a few days ago... ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. both.

    and throw in a pair for Behr.

    Westley just got a pair of baby toms from a friend and they are cuuuuuuuuute!

  5. I have black ones and I love them :) I will say they took longer than I expected to break in, but they're worth it!

  6. I've had red and gray on my list for a while now. Oh, and the striped wedges in either blue or red...

    I'm not a helper in the shoe fast.

  7. I like the chocolate TOMS the best, but this is coming from a girl that typically does not purchase the more bold TOMS colors. I just like how they're more versatile. :) Also, brown will look exponentially cooler when they get all scuffed up and worn in (which they will if you come close to wearing them as much as I do). :)

  8. They make baby Toms!?! Oh no. This is trouble...



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