Five Favorites

tiny pouches found on oh, joy.  originally I fell in love with these featured on oh, joy {by rennes} but joy has done it again with the beauties features above.  can a girl have too many tiny pouches?  sadly, the answer is probably yes.  I might have to go on a bag fast for 2012 once my shoe fast is over.

on to baby is featuring my new favorite nursery, oh and the newborn pics are adorable too!

and an alphabet video, because it is rainy, so why not waste time watching clever videos?

dina, of honey + fitz has provided a fabulous how to for customizing your bugaboo canopy.  lady lee, I am looking at you, hint hint.  it makes me want to go buy a bugaboo, and a sewing machine!  rainy day shopping fever? likely.

fall photo sessions seen here and here are making me want to grab some plaid and book a nine month photo shoot for Behr.  he would be cute in plaid, no?  some beautiful fall leaves would also be nice.  hmmm...Mark, I hope you are reading this blog post and agreeing...

and because a few things have been bugging me recently,
here is what I don't want to see on the interwebs anymore:

wasabi tape, whatever you are, I am over you

christmas decoration ideas
you are okay on pinterest, but it is too early to make appearances in blog posts

wow, I thought more things must be bugging me, but now I am at a loss.

happy friday.


  1. ha! i am with you on the Christmas posts. stresses me out - even the pins! your little man is darling! have a great weekend.

  2. I want to be the people in those rad pics.

    And here we are being kindreds yet again... I have a slight obssession with mini bags. With big bags. With all bags.

  3. I made a board on Pinterest called chrimatime...don't judge me. I see the pins and they call to me.

  4. agreed on the plaid! LOVE IT. Also on the blogging - I'd also like to add the pumpkin spice latte. We all know we like it, we don't need to keep reading about it on exclusive posts.



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