Sunday Family Time

Sunday was a sweet day of family time and memory making.  We kicked off our morning with a bike ride around the monuments.  Behr rode in style, rocking his pajamas.

As we circled the White House, we had to detour due to an important arrival or departure.

 It is okay, we just circled around the front.  
I was pumped to get a largely unobstructed view.
Typically there are too many tourists.  

We made the outing even more exciting with a stop by starbucks for coffee and a bento box so we all could have a bite to eat.  Behr was thrilled to get his apple wedge.

Just after we returned home, my Mom and Uncle Bobby arrived.  They came into town to visit their sister, and have lunch with us.  Here is my mom, proud Yia-yia with Behr in Barracks Row.  

We went to The Chesapeake Room, my new favorite place to bring visitors.  I got the crab cake and fried green tomato stack with a poached egg on top.  Three of my favorite foods all in one bite!

Please come visit, it would be the perfect excuse to go back.

 After lunch, we went to Arlington to visit Grandmom, Pop-pop, and Aunt Mary.

Grandmom and Pop-pop share a plot, 40-61, and a headstone. 
Her inscription (left) is on the back of his.

This was my first time seeing the stone since it was not in place for either burial.

And from their grave site (left) just beyond the willow tree, is Aunt Mary's.  

After Arlington, we continued to spend time together as a family, walking to and from church, and enjoying a quiet Sunday dinner.  

I am so very thankful for family.

And while I still am having trouble expressing my emotions, dealing with grief, and making sense of my purpose, I am finding contentment.  This lyric has been on repeat in my head for the past few months:

" is well, it is well with my soul..."


  1. I love famliy time. Behr is too cute in his bike helmet!

    I hope your grief lessens soon, friend.

  2. I love DC and miss living nearby (like when I was in Catonsville MD). My favorite restaurant is Old Ebbitt Grill on 14th and F- have you been there?

    My mother and paternal grandfather are buried at ANC. I don't visit often (mostly because my mom always told me she wouldn't be there if I did), but I do love to take a friend to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown. Grief is unlike any other emotion I've're right about remembering "it is well." Hugs!

  3. Beautiful post Shannon, we will have to come visit so you can get back to the Chesapeake Room! Sounds yummy!

    If you get a chance check out Page CXVI, they recorded a moving version of "It is Well". She recorded it after her father passed and she really wrestles with grieving and knowing it is well with her and his soul. The title of the track is "Joy" and it is on their first album called Hymns.

  4. That's beautiful. And I feeeeeeel like the boyfriend and I might have to make a detour to The Chesapeake Room this weekend when we're in the city :) Your pictures are making me want to be there NOW instead of Thursday night!!

  5. what a wonderful day! Behr's facial expressions just kill me!

  6. i seriously CANNOT WAIT to get a kid seat on the back of my bike and go biking with parker. SO excited.

    also, i think arlington natl cemetery is one of the most amazing awe inspiring places. it's pretty special you know some people buried there.



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