Saturday Shoes: Best Booties

Words cannot describle how excited I got when I stumbled upon these gems.  The look absolutely heavenly.  And surely I would wear them with everything!  Super practical don't you think?  {note the thick sarcasm} Well, at least they are nice to look at.  Man, oh, man.  This shoe fast might is getting the best of me!

Bettye Muller Owen



  1. girl i don't know you do it. i look forward to you ending your shoe fast on January 1st, 2012.

  2. colleen, I seriously almost just brome down and bought frye boots tonight...I have a 20% off coupon...which is like $64 when you are talking about frye boots!

    seriously though, this fast has been incredible. I actually want to buy most shoes less...

    ...except Toms, boots, and black flats. I will never want to buy those less.



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