Food Wars: Mom Freak Out + Movies

Almost as fast as hit publish on my breastfeeding post, I had an crazy mom moment and freaked out about Behr's feeding routine.

I wrote this frantic email:

I don't know where to go with Behr's food and I have reached a point where I can't get a straight answer about what is next. I feel like I have created this black hole by being particular. Any advice/wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

I am having trouble pumping these days. I can sit for 45 minutes and get less than 2 ounces. Behr begins daycare at my work in 3 weeks, so I can breast feed him again during the day, but my freezer supply is gone and I can't make enough bottles for the next day. He is taking two 6 ounce bottles while I am gone. But when I am home he still eats every three hours, perhaps because I am not producing enough?

He will be 7 months on Friday. Do I start formula? If so what kind? I feel like formula is evil. Am I crazy? Can I introduce milk? Goats milk perhaps? If so, when?

Food: We started introducing it at 6 months and are trying omitting grains for the first year. Behr loves all of the food we have introduced. Info from our doctor was conflicting about when to introduce meat. What have you done? We are "making" our own food but largely skipping purees - trying to give him food as close to table consistency as possible. This includes: Mashed foods: (bananas, avocadoes, beets, sweet potato, carrots, green beans, plums) and sliced foods that he sucks/gnaws on (pear, cantaloupe, cucumber). What do I add next? Can I give Behr applesauce that isn't specifically made for baby? How did you introduce meat and when?

I am totally stressing out, and I am not quite sure why. I have been reading books and trying to find info on line, but nothing is very clear. I wish there was a step by step guide to follow. I like following rules.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Bonus, Behr doesn't seem to be bothered one bit by my frantic obsession over the ba-jillion choices you have to make when feeding a baby.  He just loves eating:

I received a tremendous amount of helpful feedback.  Thank you dear friends!  After implementing many of the suggestions, I realized that you all might also freak out like me, or just maybe I can share some info before you reach that point.

pumping vs. formula vs. milk answers:

1. Milk, even goats milk needs to wait.  Most advice says 12 months, but dear Casey is among the many mommas who have assured me that 11 months is a-okay.  I will let you know when we get there!

2. Remember when Behr was born and Julie wrote a don't judge post?  Well, that is where I need to be in the formula camp.  I promise you, I am trying my best to produce milk for Behr, but sometimes he needs formula.  Right now we are using Wegman's Organic Formula, thanks to Julie's recommendations, and once again assurance that feeding Behr formal will not ruin him.  After all, I got fed formula at three weeks old, and look at how great I am!  just kidding  Seriously, though, huge thanks to Julie, Faith, Rebecca, and Liz for talking me off the edge of a cliff.

3. Check your pump parts! Duh. Mine were in good working order, but it never occurred to me.  Kate is pretty smart.

4. Kate also told me to pump in the morning.  This has been my lifesaver.  I pump every morning, and easily get 2-3 times as much as if I pumped at night.  Genius!

5. Friends also recommended hospital grade pumps.  If Behr hadn't moved into daycare in my building, where I can nurse throughout the day, it would have become a serious option.  I am convinced it is worth the cost for working moms.

For more on formula and little eaters in general, read what Lauren has to say here.  It is good stuff.

This post is getting "birth-story long" so I will stop and share food advice next week.  But here is one more video of Behr, for good measure.

there was water everywhere.
are you surprised?


  1. ah, sorry about the second video not working, I will try to fix that tonight!

  2. I do not look forward to figuring out foods when that day comes.

    Hoping EE does boob forever!!!!

    Except not in high school. You know what I mean.

  3. I loved the book Hungry Monkey by Matthew Amster Burton. I think it's a pretty balanced approach to solid food, plus it's really funny with good recipes.

    Hang in there!

  4. You're a good mom! It's obvious how much you care about your little Behr and I think he's pretty lucky to have you! Don't worry, he won't starve - sounds like you've got all your bases covered.

  5. Oh food. Westley is ready and it is making me so sad. I can tell that he wants food though so I may be feeding him sooner rather than later. But watching Behr eat in that video is so cute and makes me feel better about it.

    Great post Shannon. Thanks!

  6. so happy things are working out with feeding behr. it can become so crazy at times because you want to do everything just right. impossible! quinn's first feeding was formula in the nicu because he was early and small. and he is just fine! you are doing such a great job so keep it up!



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