Weekend Festivities

This little guy has been getting stronger, so we kicked off our weekend with child-proofing.  We lowered the crib mattress, losing prime storage real estate.  But safety is worth it right?

I stood in line outside of Anthro in Georgetown to see Grace of Design*Sponge!  She is just as charming in person as she seems on her blog.  The book looks fabulous.  Can't wait to sit down and look through it.  Ritzy Bee Events threw a great event and I met some fabulous DC bloggers.  For more pictures of the event, check out my calligraphy blog.

We gave Behr his first official lesson in pickin' crabs at Mike's Crab House, just outside of Annapolis.  One of Mark's college roommates was in town, so obviously crabs were on the agenda.

A bit about this picture of Behr: He is rocking his new smile, and I can't get enough of this silly wide mouth grin.  LOVE!  I might also be a bit obsessed about his Bruce Springsteen t-shirt from zulily.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and met up with friends at the Maryland Wine Festival.  Behr was happy gnawing on an apple to soothe his gums.  He is cutting his first tooth, and handling it like a champ!

We plan to bike to work today.  
Wanna know how it goes?
I will give an update or two on twitter.

Oh, and before I forget, I am a complete idiot spaz klutz
Thursday I dropped and shattered my cookie jar lid, cutting the top of my left foot.
Saturday I pulled a rookie mistake and sliced my left thumb open with a crab claw.
Sunday night I accidentally burned the ba-jeezers out of my right pointer finger on the stovetop.
Excuse me while I go buy stock in BandAid.

Let's just hope my string of calamities doesn't extend to my bike commute with Behr!


  1. Look how stylish Grace is...and you too!

    And PS, Behr is looking just like his mommy in some of these. I thought you'd like to hear that...I always do :)

  2. ba-jeezers. hah. behr is going to be such a heartbreaker- i seriously can't handle how cute he is. not that i should be surprised coming from you and mark. :)

  3. So happy you got to meet Grace. Her book is on my Christmas wish list.

    I hope your round of accidents is officially over. Stock in Band Aid, it is.

  4. Woah! A Ry Smith sighting! Hope you guys had a fun visit with him!

  5. all his faces are so cute! hope you heal up very quickly

  6. i love the pics of him in his crib. so stinkin cute.

  7. those crib pics are just presh. Ugh.

    LOVE his Bruce shirt. Love.

  8. your little guy is adorable. i especially love those pictures of him in his crib!

  9. Love the wide mouth grin. Priceless.



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