Vintage Phillies

circa 1981

this jacket is 30 years old, just like Behr's daddy

in fact, this might be one of the best hand-me-downs Behr ever received

you see, his Dad claims to be an Orioles fan, but now the truth comes out

he was born a phillies fan

just like Behr

Behr has already seen the Phills play here in Washington

next on the tour, a game in the city of brotherly love

we have our fingers crossed

hopefully it will be cool enough to need a jacket


linking up to small style

I would tell you about what else he was wearing if you could see it or I could remember...


  1. that's the best hand me down in the history of hand me downs (:

  2. So sweet, I love it even though I'm a Red Sox fan ;)

  3. That is the cutest jacket I have ever seen!

    Ahem. Go Sox. Ahem.

  4. Love the jacket and kind of want to bite on his cheeks.

  5. Sweet! My Mr. Would love that jacket. We were watching the orioles last summer but back on the west side of things now!

  6. thats RAD!!! my son is wearing his dads jacket in my link!!! cool

  7. Oh, that is the best picture and the best jacket ever! Behr is so adorable!

  8. so cute. i love his face in this picture.

  9. love this!! great hand-me-down!



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