Simple Farm Fresh Meals

Most of what we have been eating as been simple farm fresh meal, dictated by our weekly CSA share.  Nothing extravagant, nothing I would have deemed, "blogworthy."  But when I stepped back and realize how much produce we were consuming, how vibrant the colors of our meals have been, it occurred that it just might be worth sharing.  Because it is the simple things in life right?

pasta + sautéed chicken + csa veggies: tomatoes and green pepper
tossed with a bit of cream, shredded cheese and salt + pepper to taste

crisp romain
heirloom tomatos
grilled chicken
homemade balsalmic dressing

tuna on whole grain bread
arugula + yellow tomato

watermelon + cantaloupe + honeydew

*I wish I remembered the names of the varieties of these melons.  
They were all smaller varieties and had incredible flavor!

So that is what we have been eating around here, plus a lot of sweet corn, green peppers, nectarines, and pears.


  1. Those look so delicious and fresh that I might start eating my nom nom :)

  2. UMMMM TOTALLY blogworthy.

    I'm jealous.

    nom nom nom.

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