Saturday Shoes: by Bridget

For as long as I have known her, Bridget has had rainbows.  I guess that might date our friendship a bit.  Or maybe she didn't always have rainbows... either way, she chimed up and claimed them as her go-to summer shoe.  Sounds like a good pick to me!
Bridget and I are in love with Frye boots, so they will certainly be making an appearance on this Saturday round up.  What other shoes are perfect for the cooler weather that will be here before we know it?

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  1. My favorite shoes in the fall are my low-top converse all-stars. I also wear Keene's and Dansko's (they're more appropriate for work).

  2. looove em!

    and my latest fave is my gray classic vans (the ones with the laces)

  3. My Rainbows are so beat up, but I love them so much.

    BUT my must-have cooler weather shoes are these Minnetonkas (which I just ordered!):

    Love them.

  4. Man, there is some serious love for canvas sneakers...they might have to make an appearance! And Alex, I love those shoes you just ordered!!!



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