Gifts for College Students

There are the traditional gifts, comforters, posters, a hamper full of laundry and bath products.  Even money and gas cards are great.  With my sister beginning her freshman year of college, I have spend a lot of time thinking about good gifts.  She is the hardest person in the world to buy gifts for.  So here is what I would love if I were going back to school:

Belkin Conserve Power Strip - stops the flow of juice when electronics are not in use or charging.  Plus it looks a lot sleeker than the outdoor orange utility extension cord my dad sent me to college with!

Boon Stash - to keep your desk neat and organized.  You know how I love things to have their place.  This would have been perfect!

Jonathan Adler iPhone Case - because why wouldn't I sneak in a bit of fabulousness?  I wish the phone came with it.  I would take one of those too please.

Skull Candy Earbuds - the best of the best for listening to music and running.  The don't fall out!  Plus the great color would make them easy to spot at the bottom of my bag.

Travel Toiletry Bag - I love this one from ikea because it is huge.  It holds everything.  And again, the bright color is super cheery and makes it a breeze to spot.

Coffee Joilie - this fabulous "bean" promises to keep my coffee hot for up to 5 hours.  It is the little things in life right?  And coffee is very near to the top of my list.  Hot coffee even better.

Hmmm...maybe I should consider grad school, just for some swag.


  1. These are AWESOME ideas. That coffee bean thing is pretty snazzy.

  2. I know right?! Some how the gadgets are way better now than when we went to college. But that might have something to do with the fact that I brought a desktop computer with a humongous box monitor!

  3. great list! I want all of those things... I work at a college so I deserve back-to-school goodies too, right? that's what I'll keep telling myself...

  4. Wow, this is the best site I’ve ever read. Thank you for sharing mba college

  5. I am pretty sure I want all of the above. Esp that phone cover. And this is the 2nd time in one week I have heard about Skull Candy ear buds.

    I think it's a sign. That I should buy them... not that I should go abck to school. :)

  6. Or maybe I should take a typing class... that should be *back*



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