Blogging slacker...

I had a bunch of good blog posts lined up, but I can't bring myself to finalize and post them.  You see, I am hanging out with these two!  I am soaking up the moments my sister has with Behr before she leaves for college.  I am enjoying talking to her now that she is becoming more and more like an adult each time I see her.  And I am grateful that we still fall into fits of giggles just like when we were kids.  It is wonderful to see her and Behr together.  They are already like two peas in a pod.

photo from Brooke's high school graduation in May
(just in case you were wondering how Behr shrunk)

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  1. Enjoy those moments friend. If you don't soak up the life around you when it's don't have anything to write about. So be and enjoy!



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